Fish in a Tree week 5 – 6

– I think Ally has gotten so much more brave since the beginning of the book. A first she was mean at the beginning of the book but now she’s a lot more calm and nice.

– This summer I hope to spend more time with my friends

– 5 since it was really descriptive and most of the characters had nice personalities!!

Fish in a Tree 3 – 4

– Ally realizes that she can do it after Mr. Daniels made her redo her paper. She realized it wasn’t impossible.

– Albert tries his best to ignore them while Keisha tried to beat up her bullies

– If someone’s bullying you like mocking, calling you bad names, hitting or punching you. You should tell a grownup, teacher, or a trusted adult, even if you’re scared.

Week 2 questions

  1. I think the most unexpected friendship was Albert and Ally, but the way they become friends was meeting in a group of people and they found out they really like each other.
  2. An unexpected friendship I have is me and Reagan, I never thought we would be friends since in 5th grade I had no idea how to talk to new people and she wasn’t in my class but Abbey, Reagan, an me had a sleepover and I started to hangout with them. Now I consider her as one of my best friends!!
  3. what’s your favorite thing about making new friends?

Book Club Questions

  1. ) The main character seems to get in trouble a lot, after starting the book I feel like  it will be an interesting story and so far I can connect to it in the way that we both go to a school.

2. )  The most noticeable characters we’ve met is the teacher and Shay, the teacher seems to be stressed and upset with Ally. While Shay is considered the class bully.

3. ) Who is your favorite character so far? 😀

100 wc 19 word challenge

The dancing competition is today, Olivia was practicing in her room. Her mom which was her dance teacher was watching closely making sure she did all the steps right. Once Olivia finished her dance her mom said, “That was beautiful! Just remember the competition is tomorrow.” Olivia went to bed after her mom left. the next day she was practicing behind stage before her name was called and she ran to the stage. After she sat down on the stage listening closely to the judge. “And the winner is… Olivia!!” She ran to get her prize, she was so happy!

What I Like About 6th Grade

What I like about 6th grade so far is that you get more freedom and don’t have to walk in a line to get places and you can walk with your friends to class. You also get to have different people in each class usually which has its ups and downs. However 6th grade has been a good year and it hope it stays like that!